Dr. Carrie: Speaker. Author. Psychologist.

Life often feels like a lot to manage but you can learn to help your mind become more flexible and less overwhelmed by emotions, problems and stress. We all have adjustments we can make to improve our habits, communication, relationships, and daily functioning. By starting with small changes, you can use skillful responses to overcome the power of old, unhelpful habits and stop feeling stuck.

A licensed, Colorado Psychologist, with 20 years experience in private practice, Dr. Carrie offers therapy and counseling services to both individuals and families. Trained in multiple theories and modalities such as EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dr. Carrie helps clients work through pain from anxiety, PTSD, relationship issues, depression and other life challenges.

Dr Carrie works with teams, corporate audiences and dedicated individuals, helping them to learn how to skillfully navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs. She teaches self-empowerment using evidence-based treatments to affect change, diminish trauma, and manage anxiety, with an end result of a more meaningful and enjoyable personal and professional life. Her work helps organizations to combine the latest developments in psychology with easy-to-implement strategies to improve team performance.

Dr. Carrie is committed to helping people navigate the realities of life with more ease, joy and connection.
She has been in private practice in Denver, Colorado for 20 years and is passionate about teaching people how to easily identify their next best move, even when real life is a real bear. She received her Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado, Masters from the University of Denver and Bachelor’s from the University of Virginia. In addition, she regularly seeks out research and information about habits, communication, behavior change, relationships and other areas essential to a great life.

On a personal note, Dr. Carrie hiked 50 times last year to celebrate turning 50, totaling around 200 miles. (So many miles uphill!) This year, her goal is to hike at least 250 miles.

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