Manage life skillfully and create lasting change

Therapy isn't a sign of weakness.

It’s a brave step towards living a meaningful life.

Life often feels like a lot to manage but you can learn to help your mind become more flexible and less overwhelmed by emotions, problems and stress. We all have adjustments we can make to improve our habits, communication, relationships, and daily functioning. By starting with small changes, you can use skillful responses to overcome the power of old, unhelpful habits and stop feeling stuck.

A licensed, Colorado Psychologist, with 20 years experience in private practice, Dr. Carrie offers therapy and counseling services to both individuals and families. Trained in multiple theories and modalities such as EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dr. Carrie helps clients work through pain from anxiety, PTSD, relationship issues, depression and other life challenges.

For individuals: Denver psychologist Dr. Carrie helps people calm their emotions, harness their negative thoughts, increase control over their behavior and move forward without feeling stuck all the time. Learn to identify what you want out of life and to go for it, leaving behind the self-doubt and worries that hold you back.

For families: Dr. Carrie teaches practical, easy-to-implement strategies to help decrease arguments, improve communication, heal old wounds and enjoy each other more.
She works with adult family conflicts, family business issues and teen-parent concerns.
For families with children younger than 12, Dr. Carrie will refer the children to play therapy, and meet with parents to provide information, tips and tools to improve parenting. Dr. Carrie does not provide custody evaluations or work with high conflict divorce cases.

For those with a trauma history: Dr. Carrie uses EMDR, so you can relieve symptoms of PTSD and end the struggle with negative thoughts and old traumatic experiences dictating your current life.
EMDR is an empirically based (meaning it’s proven to work) therapy technique that decreases trauma symptoms to move you back to healthy functioning. EMDR helps clients, even with severe trauma and abuse histories, move beyond fear and anxiety and feel stable again. Dr. Carrie completed Level I and II trainings with the EMDR Institute and has been using EMDR successfully since 2006.

The logistics: Dr. Carrie sees men, women and families, in person or virtual, for therapy Monday through Thursday. Therapy is $200 per 45-50 minute session.
Dr. Carrie is private pay only and does not accept any insurance, including Medicaid.
If you’re not sure therapy is for you, Dr. Carrie offers brief phone consultations. You can call Dr. Carrie at

303-355-6682 or click the "Contact Dr. Carrie" button above. The office is located on 2855 N. Speer Blvd., Suite F, Denver, CO 80211

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