Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Do your thoughts seem like your enemies?

Not living the life you want?

Are you getting in your own way?

Anxiety and depression in control of your life?

Fear calling all the shots?

Individual Therapy

Denver Psychologist, Dr. Carrie McCrudden helps people calm their emotions, harness their negative thoughts, increase control over their behavior and move forward without feeling stuck all the time. Learn to identify what you want out of life and to go for it, leaving behind the self-doubt and worries that hold you back.

Individual therapy with Dr. Carrie is available, ages 12 and up, for both men and women. Periodic meetings with significant others, parents, friends, school personnel, mentors and other involved parties are used as needed in therapy. Collaboration with medical doctors, psychiatrists and other professionals is always encouraged.

Individual therapy sessions typically last 45-50 minutes and are scheduled weekly or biweekly.

Please call 303-355-6682 or email Dr. Carrie to set up your confidential, risk free, no-cost phone consultation or to set up your first session of individual therapy in Denver, Colorado.