Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Confused about how to manage your 21st century child?

Are you struggling with parenting?

Poor grades, low self-esteem or social problems plaguing your child or teen?

Family conflict keeping you awake at night?

Family Therapy

In family therapy at Colorado Therapy Care, Dr. Carrie teaches practical, easy-to-implement strategies to help decrease arguments, improve behavior at home, increase school performance and help families get along better. Appointments typically vary between parent meetings, individual work with children/teens and full family sessions to comprehensively address problems. 

Dr. Carrie has been helping children, teens and parents heal old wounds and enjoy each other more since 1994. She works with children over age 12 in her practice. For families with young children, Dr. Carrie will refer the children to play therapy, and meets with parents to provide information, tips and tools to improve parenting.

Dr. Carrie does not provide custody evaluations or other forensic family evaluations, but is happy to help you find someone who specializes in this arena. 50-minute sessions are the standard format for family therapy.

Please call 303-355-6682 or email Dr. Carrie to set up your confidential, risk free, no-cost phone consultation or to set up family therapy in Denver, Colorado.