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Dr. Carrie has been featured on many media outlets for her expertise - a few are featured below. She is available to speak on topics related to stress, communication, relationships, and building your best life. 

What to Look for On a First Date with Dr. Carrie Johansson

On this week's episode, I welcome back Dr. Carrie Johansson to speak with me about psychological flexibility, modern marriage and what to look for on a first date.  We both believe that fear and anxiety hold people back in relationships and I cannot thank Dr. Carrie enough for joining me to provide a reflection for me about my recent break up.

Managing Emotions and Expectations with Dr. Carrie Johansson (Part One)

On this episode of The Ghosted Podcast, Abby chats with speaker, author, and psychologist Dr. Carrie Johansson. They get into all the emotional highs and lows of dating, and how you can manage and regulate those emotions.

On this episode of Heart, Hustle and Humor podcast, we had a great discussion with Dr. Carrie about mental flexibility, and she shared wonderful tips from her new book, Self Help On The Go.

When you listen to the episode, you will love how she wraps her work around Heart-Hustle-Humor, offering ideas so you can have your best life. Of course, we even chatted about using technology to free up some time, so you can get out and do the things you love, have some laughs and smile a lot.

This week on Indie Books International, we are joined by Dr. Carrie Johansson to discuss "The Power of Psychological Flexibility: Navigating the realities of life with ease". We will also be discussing her new book, "Self Help On The Go."

You can view this episode on YouTube or listen to the podcast linked below.

Dr. Carrie was featured in Bisi MacGregor's "Accelerate Your Success" series, discussing how to build resilience through tough times.

Dr. Carrie is one of the experts featured in the Deep Soulful Love article "My Boyfriend is Unsure About Our Future – 8 Experts Share Their Best Tips + Insights."

On this episode of The Coaching Minute with Brenda Abdilla, Dr. Carrie explains why we have Zoom burnout and offers tips on how to deal with it.

On this episode of the Believe Be Real Be Bold Podcast with Dave Glaser, Dr. Carrie discusses controlling the outcome in life and love.

On this episode of The Coaching Minute with Brenda Abdilla, Dr. Carrie offers tips to help you manage anxiety.

On this episode of The Coaching Minute with Brenda Abdilla, Dr. Carrie talks about impostor syndrome - what it is, why we feel it, and what to do about it.