Happy Birthday! And Other Celebrations

Happy Birthday!  And Other Celebrations

I am extremely proud to announce that November 1, 2021 is the 20th anniversary of my private practice. 

20 years ago, I decided to open a part time practice.  At the time I specialized in child and adolescent psychology, with a narrative focus. This means I used to primarily see kids and teens and talked a lot about the stories in their lives. My first office was above a pediatric practice and we used to share clients all the time. The kids were a joy to work with, and I adored my office, even though my desk was in a closet and the office got virtually no daylight whatsoever.  I worked full time at North High School and then would come over to my practice on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.  

As you do (hopefully), you grow and change over the years. 

My practice now is in the smallest of all my offices, but also the one with the most light and a balcony door that remains open most of the year. I have changed my theoretical approach to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and see almost exclusively adult clients.  I still keep a teen or two on the caseload just to stay in touch with that population, but I seem to enjoy helping adults create lives they love more than helping with teen angst at this time in my life.   

Whether it is today, 20 years ago or all of the time in between, I believe I have the world’s greatest job. 

I am deeply touched and honored to hear people’s innermost secrets and longings.  Making a difference is a core value of mine, and the opportunity my work affords me to help so many people is both humbling and remarkable.  

Another core value of mine is connection, and cultivating healthy, robust and enjoyable relationships is one of my most favorite aspects of life. 

In that vein, I am thrilled to announce that I got married in October and am taking my husband’s name.  While I am known mostly as “Dr. Carrie,” from time to time folks need to know and use my last name.  My new name will be Dr. Carrie Johansson.  

It is going to be especially neat that my upcoming book, entitled Self Help on the Go, will be published with my new last name on the front cover. 

How fun to finally have my book completed!  There will be lots more to come about the book.  But for now, just know that this is the book my wonderful clients asked me to write:  brief tactics to make your next best move despite life’s ups and downs.  

Thanks for letting me share about some good news.  Much gratitude, Dr. Carrie