The winding path from awareness to implementation

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SHOTG 1 29 img 300x199 The winding path from awareness to implementationEver find yourself figuring out something big that you realize you should have known all along?

Ever been in a situation where you want to make a change but you just can’t quite get it to take?

Do you find yourself thinking about change but keep putting it off until “tomorrow?”

All of these are issues related to the awareness continuum.

What is an awareness continuum, you ask? Well, it is this process we go through when we gain knowledge of something new.

The process goes a little like this:

Step 1: First we start in ignorance. We don’t know what we don’t know. Gradually we gain information that tips us off that there is more information out there.

Step 2: Next, we start recognizing what other people should be doing differently.  We still don’t know what we don’t know (and need to) about ourselves, but we can see clearly what someone else should do.

Step 3: Third, we develop self awareness.  This is the process of understanding what we need to know about ourselves!  So we aren’t just bossing others around, we are able to recognize our own stuff, and can tell ourselves what we need to improve/change/do differently.

Step 4: Finally, we get to implementation. We are going to discuss implementation in much more detail in next week’s blog.  This week let’s just better understand awareness.
Now this process can happen in a flash. Ever thought the stove was off but it wasn’t? (ignorance). You’ll tell your child not to touch a stove because it could be hot (other focus) but you touch it yourself because you are confident in your ignorance. Suddenly you recognize, “HOT!” (self-awareness) and you move your hand (implementation).

Most often, however, the awareness continuum is a much, much slower process. Take relationships, for example. We often start in blissful ignorance, “he/she is wonderful!” Then we start to realize all of his/her flaws (and comment on them!). Next we start to (hopefully) recognize how our own strengths and weaknesses bring things to the relationship that could use some attention. We can see when we are being rigid or unkind or too pushy or whatever.  Finally you and your sweetie can implement changes (again, more on this next week).

This week, look around and challenge yourself to increase your awareness of what is working for you, and what isn’t working so well. Don’t worry, just being aware won’t make you change anything, but it will help you understand your life a little better.

Thanks for reading, Dr. Carrie

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