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joyofnewpic The Joy of NewEver been cross country skiing?

I got to go just last week, happily taking a day off of work to accompany my child’s class to a YMCA ranch up in the Colorado Mountains. The weather was incredible, a true “blue bird” day with just the right amount of snow, lots of sunshine and no wind. In short, a terrific day for a bunch of 8 year olds, their teachers and the parent chaperones to learn how to cross country ski!

So what happens when people don’t know how to do something or need to learn how to do something new? Well, for most of us, we resist the learning curve. We get scared and hesitate. We want our comfort zone. I know I thought, more than once, about bringing my snowshoes. After all, I know how to snowshoe really, really well. It is super easy (if you can walk, you can snowshoe) and I’ve been doing it for years! I had no idea how to cross country ski, and was tempted to bail on the learning and do what I’ve usually done. At the last minute I made myself leave my snowshoes at home, figuring if my kid was going to try something new, I should too.

So there we were, grownups and kids alike, clueless and getting started with something new. Some took to it like they were born on skis. Others had a little trouble. Some had trouble but laughed it off, all day, and had a blast even though they fell over and over.  Some struggled, resisted falling and got a little overwhelmed and stuck. But everyone made it all the way to the end. Everyone felt the fear of the unknown and did it anyway. It was beautiful. 

What have you been afraid of trying? Any interest in pushing yourself this week? Just pick something new and give it a try. Have some fun learning something new, something you aren’t good at already. Enjoy! ~ Dr. Carrie

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