Stuck with fear

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tumblr m8i2golQZu1rxxwfwo1 400 211x300 Stuck with fearSo, I was watching some trashy TV show the other night and heard the most wonderful quote (I must say it really made watching bad TV feel very worth it!).  The quote went something like this:  “The first rule of truly living is to do the thing you are most afraid of.”  I have been pondering the role of fear lately and have increasingly realized just how often fear is what keeps us stuck.  Ever hear the saying “Paralyzed by fear?”  Well, that is really what fear does!

Now I am talking about figurative fear here, not the “Holy cow, I have a poisonous spider sitting on my leg” fear (in that case, I am afraid I can’t help you, spiders terrify me).  The type of fear I am thinking about here are the fears that keep us in a rut, procrastinating instead of moving forward, keeping your mouth shut instead of taking the risk to really communicate.  These type of emotional-type fears are very different than the fears that actually keep you safe.  The valuable fears are the ones that keep you from jumping off the cliff that is too high, into water that is moving too fast, away from poisonous snakes and insects…these fears actually keep us out of harm’s way.

The other fears, those emotional or internal fears, purport to keep us out of harm’s way, but often they actually just delay harm, or keep us stagnant and stuck.  When was the last time you found yourself procrastinating instead of working on that new business idea? Or feeling too afraid to tell the guy (or gal) you have a crush on that you are interested in them?  Ever just avoided something because you were feeling nervous about it?  Find yourself scared to try something new or different?  Listening to those fears isn’t a good idea.  It might feel “safe” but it is really stuck, not safe.

The next time you find yourself avoiding, delaying, procrastinating or otherwise acting out a figurative fear, take heart and take the next step.  Walk right into the fear and take the risk.  Do the thing you have been putting off, say the thing you have been holding in, try the thing you think you might fail at.  Challenge the fear by noticing it and moving forward anyway.  I think you may like the result!

As always, thanks for reading ~  Dr. Carrie

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