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250697 nature calm and beauty Creating refugeI met with an inspiring person today.  Now, in my line of work, I get the incredible honor of meeting with inspiring folks regularly.  I generally hold my clients up as some of the bravest, most persistent and courageous people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  Folks come in and deal, head on, with big issues, life issues.  Some have difficulty with terrible trauma histories, some just have a frustrating mother-in-law, the range of severity really doesn’t matter.  What does matter, however, is their willingness to face their issues and to try to make their lives better.

Facing issues head on not only takes courage, it is also best when you can do it in the context of simultaneously finding some relief.  So how do you find relief?  Especially when you are tackling problems?  It is helpful to have a place of refuge.  This is something I try to provide with my office:  classical music in the waiting room, lovely colors, cool water in the summer and hot tea when it is super cold, gentle tone of voice, lots of encouragement and support.   This is also something I help clients create in their own minds:  calmer emotions, more positive thoughts, tools to use so they can communicate better, safer behaviors.  Finally, I want to help people increasingly create areas of refuge in their outer lives: healthy activities, good friends, happy relationships, easier parenting,  safe places to go.

How can you help by creating refuge for yourself today?  Maybe it is as simple as looking at a picture, or calling your favorite friend, have a cup of tea, or a bite of chocolate, read your favorite poem.  Take a walk, sniff a flower.  Refuge can be the tiniest little place, even if it is in your mind.  Just let yourself go and take a break.  Enjoy and, as always, thanks for reading!

~ Dr. Carrie

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