Clean space, clear mind

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lamb Clean space, clear mindIt’s Springtime! Time to open the windows and let the fresh air and the sunlight in! For many of us (definitely me!), the warmer weather also inspires an urge to clean. Is it just the change in weather that motivates us? The longer days? Maybe it’s a surge of energy brought on by a little “cabin fever” from being cooped up inside all winter?

Whatever the reasoning, it does seem to be a time-honored tradition to clean up, clear out and freshen up our lives around this time of year. One of the great benefits to cleaning your external environment is the boost to your internal environment. Our living spaces, desks, cars, and other “external environments” often mirror our “internal environments” made up of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. As a matter of fact, this is one of the first questions I ask clients, particularly if they report feeling overwhelmed, scattered or disorganized.

So take a peek around your life. Is there clutter you haven’t attended to, things you have let pile up, messes, broken items or outdated pieces? Any things you know need to put away but keep putting off? I am not suggesting white glove, sterile, everything-in-its-place-at-all-times rigidity, but I do suggest taking the time to organize, clean up, discard the old. Take a moment to freshen up the look, feel and energy of your various environments including home, car, and workplace. Neaten up your space and I bet you’ll find it gives you a little emotional boost. So simple yet so effective!

Thanks for reading ~ Dr. Carrie

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