Chasing butterflies

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Chasing butterflies 300x225 Chasing butterfliesYou may have noticed that I took two weeks off from blogging.  I spent the last week or so in refresh mode, chasing butterflies, both literally and figuratively. Let me explain…

One of the days I was out for a walk and saw these incredible yellow butterflies.  Normally, I might notice them for a second or two and then move on with my walk; maybe because I am trying to get in a workout, or because I have somewhere to be, or just because my mind is full of my to-do list.  On this special day, the day I took this picture, I stopped instead of moving on.  In doing so, I got to see the wonder of this gorgeous creature.  I gave myself the opportunity to marvel, taking a moment to watch, then playing with getting close, trying to entice the butterfly to sit on my finger (it never did, but wasn’t it lovely to try?!).  I paused.  And then, I just spent some time hanging out with the butterflies, just being right there in the moment.

For the rest of my “refresh” I tried to apply the “chasing butterflies” philosophy:  I slept late, walked every day, tried something new (paddle boarding, so fun!), built sand castles, spent time with friends and family, cooked yummy things to eat, swam in the rain… you get the picture.  Not so surprisingly, I came back feeling, well, refreshed!  I feel this wonderful combination of more mindful, clear and easy going.  What a delight!

Pause this week, if even for a moment, and think about how you can find some butterflies to chase.

As always, thanks for reading.
~ Dr. Carrie

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