Beautiful or useful… or gone!

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dreamstimemedium 11191802 200x300 Beautiful or useful... or gone!

I believe it was famed British artist, poet, writer and textile designer William Morris who said you should only have things in your house you believe to be either beautiful or useful.  Boy was he on to something!  When was the last time you were able to look around your space and really savor the items in it, either for their incredible practicality, or their beauty?

If you are designed like most of us, things lose their luster over time.  You become accustomed to the things in your home (and in your life in general), and they become less noticeable over time.  That means those new jeans you bought will not seem so wonderful the 27th time you wear them, or the amazing painting you bought at the street fair becomes just another thing on the wall.  Similarly, the basics become less important, that is, until they break or don’t work.  So you may not appreciate your garage door opener until the battery runs out, or you may forget how cool it is to have  the choice of bathtub or shower until your drain doesn’t plug when you really, really wanted to take a long bath.

How do you remedy this problem of not truly seeing what you have?  Well, I suggest choosing one room per week in your home and spending some time examining the things in it.  What is useful?  Beautiful?  What still amazes you when you take the time to admire it?  Toss anything broken, donate anything outdated or no longer your style.  Anything just plain ugly?  You have my permission to shed it from your life!  It is a great process to re-examine, re-assess, and re-new your life, from both an external and an internal perspective.  Don’t be afraid to let go, beautiful or useful is what you get to keep!

As always, thanks for reading. ~ Dr. Carrie

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