Coping with thanksgiving

thanksgiving Coping with thanksgivingFeeling overwhelmed this Thanksgiving? Where do you go for Thanksgiving dinner? How do you not overeat? How can you deal with that relative you just hate?

Thanksgiving is a time of the year for many familys to reconnect, but it’s also a stressful time for many. This guide will help you with some of the most common Thanksgiving-related issues. So while we can’t improve your family, perhaps we can improve your mood and help you get through the holiday with your sanity intact!

General Holiday Coping

* Holiday Traditions
Understanding the importance of family traditions around the holidays.

* Talking Turkey: Managing Unhappy Relatives at Holiday Time
How do you deal with your most difficult relatives during the holidays?

* Don’t Stress Holiday Travel
Quick tips to get you traveling safely and with less stress than last year.

* The Turkey Trail: Which Home for the Holidays?
So many families, so little time!

Eating and Drinking

* Manage Overeating Over the Holidays
For many, family gatherings are positive events, but for the 9 million men, women or young people who have an eating disorder or engage in overeating, the holidays, without proper planning, can feel like nightmares.

* Why Are You Overeating?
What motivates your overeating? This article will give you some insights and provide some eating guidelines to help you manage your overeating.

* Excess Carbs May Alter Appetite Regulation
The ability to regulate appetite may decline with age if we overdo the carbohydrates, a recent study suggests.

* Get Rid of Your Excuses: Three Minute Refutations
Learn to reduce unwanted behaviors — such as overeating — with these three-minute refutations.

* Celebrating Safely with Alcohol
8 tips on how to safely celebrate the holidays.

* Holiday Drinking: Keep It Safe
5 strategies for keeping it safe during the holidays.

* Overeating: It’s All In Your Head
A four-part article describing cognitive-behavioral self-help techniques that can help you reduce your overeating.

Children and Family

* Holiday Travel with Young Kids
Learn the secret to traveling with kids — travel in the “kid zone.”

* Preparing Kids for Holiday Visits
You love to travel with your children, don’t you? Make it less stressful for them and for you.

* Seasonal Stepfamily Stress: Tips to Help All Your Family Members Enjoy the Holidays
You’ve got a lot to deal with two families, but you can make it work more smoothly.


* More Coping with Holiday Stress Tips
More tips on how to deal with the inevitable holiday stress.

* Holiday Stress: A Resourceful Survivor’s Guide
Survive the holiday season with grace and less stress than last year!

* Coping with the Holidays Guide
Read our general Coping with the Holidays Guide for all of your upcoming holiday needs, including expanded Christmas, family, children, SAD, and New Year’s articles.

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