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Below are some valuable free articles written by Colorado Therapy Care staff members, as well as articles of interest from sources in the psychology community (reprinted, of course, with permission).

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Helpful information on general mental health concerns:

• Astay right when you’re wronged.: Another amazing article from Dr. Rick Hanson. This gives you concrete, reasoned suggestions about how to change your habits of reacting to conflict and feel happier, even when things are hard.

• Are you full to the rim?: A new article on downsizing your own life. Don’t you just feel better when you give yourself a little space?

• 10 Myths about Happiness: Interesting points on being happy.

• Have You Given Up Too Soon?: Great article on parenting your teen! It is never too late to be a warm, consistent, clear parent.

• What’s Your Role?: See your part – one of the most useful and honorable things a person can do.

• The Little Habits: Great new article on mastering small habits.

• Brain Structure Changes After Meditation: Important research demonstrating the positive effects of meditation on decreasing anxiety, improving memory, mitigating stress and improving overall well being.

• 9 Ways to Ward Off Your Worries: A great new article on managing worry, and thus decreasing anxiety to start the new year off right!

• Tied Up in Knots? The Minimalist’s Guide to Inner Peace: Nice advice on how to accept yourself more, fret less and make changes to help you control your reactions.

• The Little Book of Procrastination Remedies: A great new article on beating procrastination. Who doesn’t want to be more productive?!

• How to Get Lucky: This article demonstrates the power of positive thinking.  Not only does it help us feel better, it actually helps us see possibilities more clearly!

• 50 tips for surviving your worst work days: A terrific article on managing stress at work! Think about how you can use these tips to decrease anxiety, improve relationships and improve happiness.

• The importance of enjoying the habit: I have been speaking recently on habit formation, motivation, brain change and going the distance with positive behaviors. Enjoy the following article that speaks to these topics!

• How to be Insanely Productive and Still Keep Smiling: A terrific article on the benefits of productivity and motivation.  Here are suggestions about how to get off the couch and re-engage in life!

• I dare you to dream: A terrific, energetic article on the benefits of dreaming big.

• Exercise for your mental health. A terrific article on the benefits of exercise in boosting positive brain functioning, decreasing depression and improving self esteem.

• Sleep disorders and sleep problems plague many of us in Denver! Here is an informative article about sleep problems and solutions to help you improve sleep, decrease anxiety and improve overall mental health by addressing proper sleep.

• Letting Go of Attachment, from A to Zen If there’s one thing we all have in common it’s that we want to feel happy; and on the other side of that coin, we want to avoid hurting. Yet we consistently put ourselves in situations that set us up for pain.

• Wish Fulfillment? No. But Dreams (and Sleep) Have Meaning More information on one of the most important building blocks to mental and physical health.

• Getting Around To It: Surviving and Embracing Procrastination Procrastination is a negative habit many of us indulge in.  Here are some tips to overcome it!

• Labor Day Work Place Stress An interesting article (not just for Labor Day) about how to balance work and home demands.

• Recognizing Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Are you haunted by past traumatic experiences?  Check out this information on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

• Tough Economic Stress Tips Financial security concerns often create depression, anxiety and worries.  Read here about how to better manage money in tough financial times.

Want to improve your parenting skills?

Check out these articles:

• A terrific article on parenting your teen. Even if your teenager isn’t acting out, diagnosed with anxiety or depression, this article gives good ideas about how to be a responsive, calm parent in the middle of a tough developmental stage.

• Myths of Perfect Parenting A reassuring piece on the pressure to be perfect as a parent and how to let go.

• 10 Tips for Building Resilience in Children and Teens Important information on helping children bounce back from tough situations.

• Back to School Tips on how to manage that transition between school and vacation.