images3 FormsHere are some forms we will go over together in our initial visit.  Feel free to take a look at them now, fill them out and bring to your first session, or we can complete everything together when you come in.  No worries, they don’t take long!

In your first session you can expect we will take a few minutes to review important information about the rules for therapy in Colorado.  Dr. Carrie will make sure that proper releases are filled out for anyone you want her to coordinate care with, such as your primary care physician, psychiatrist, other medical provider, significant other, or other important party.  You and Dr. Carrie will determine the most convenient method of payment for you.  Then Dr. Carrie will spend time getting to know more about what is working well for you, and what isn’t working so well.  You will develop a plan together for therapy and treatment, and decide how often you will come in for individual or family therapy.

Here are some forms for your convenience:

Client-Information-Form : Please read and complete prior to your first session.

Informed Consent : Please read and complete prior to your first session.

Authorization : Please complete if you wish Dr. Carrie to speak with another provider, significant other, medical doctor, school or other contact.

HIPAA Privacy Policies : This notice informs you of your privacy rights.  This is provided only for your information, no signature is required.

Communications Policy : This notice informs you of our Communications, Online and Social Media policy.

Credit Card Authorization : Please read and complete prior to your first session.

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Please call 303-355-6682 or email Dr. Carrie for more information, to schedule an appointment with a counselor in Denver, CO or to sign up for a FREE phone consultation.