Book Review: First Things First by Stephen Covey

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first things first book 193x300 Book Review:  First Things First by Stephen CoveyIn  a time where change is all around us, do you ever find yourself struggling to figure out your priorities? How do you organize when everything is in motion? Where is the place to start? What is the most important thing to get to? With First Things First, Dr. Covey takes a closer look at the concepts of time management and productivity in this classic publication and follow up to his epically successful book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He shares a variety of tips, tricks and tools to move away from traditional time management techniques, and gives you a principle driven method of moving forward in your life. He and his co-authors, Roger and Rebecca Merrill share easily relatable examples that really drive home their ideas about how to actually identify and then implement what is most important.

Covey delves into the 4 main ways we spend our time, and addresses common mistakes we make in keeping ourselves busy, but not really productive.  He then shares methods to ground your schedule in principles that deeply move you.  Finally, he discusses ways to take these ideas and apply them across the board, with yourself, in your closest relationships, in business and beyond.  His passion for living and enjoying a principle centered life is both and inspiring call to action as well as a cautionary tale.  He demonstrates the weaknesses of traditional models of time and life management and shows how they come up empty over time.

I know I came away excited about grounding my daily to do list in a bigger picture.  Now I do my weekly organizing with an eye to where I am really going and why, starting with identifying what my “big picture” is of my life, and striving to keep myself, and my schedule, accountable to the larger principles that guide my life.  It has become easier to say no to the non-essential while simultaneously saying yes to the truly important.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

~Dr. Carrie

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